The Shattered Lantern Part 3 of 3

The Lightbringer’s voice reached a crescendo as his story closed. “And so, it seems only five among the hundreds chose to answer our sacred call.”

His voice fell off a bit. “We had hoped it wouldn’t come to this, but we must therefore step aside and concede to you now a place in the struggle of this world to survive.”

His strange eyes surveyed the group in the dim yellow light. “Remember well your names, warriors of the land, for your foes await you unsleepingly. Disease and Undeath are their weapons—the fire of life itself must strengthen your effort. Plant anew the seeds of civilization by your deeds, and embrace your role in the story of your world. I can give you little more counsel, but I give now all that sustains me.”

With surprising grace, he lifted the glowing box into the air, and with a sudden sharp reversal slammed it violently against the cave floor. The noise, near-deafening, resounded through the cave. Shards of material scattered around the group, their light still illuminating against the darkness.

The lightbringer’s form fell limply to the floor. His strange implements ceased to move as they had been, and the very lights of his eyes were extinguished. In death, he looked for all the world like a statue again.

After a moment, when the sound of his act had ceased to echo, the dim yellow light was replaced by a fierce bright blue. Tiny tendrils of energy spread out from the box, and one found its way to you. It touched you, leaving forever a blue scar across your body. The light began to fade, but a faint glow in each of your persons remained.

A scar is not the only legacy of the shattered lantern. As a recipient of this gift, your character ascends as a mythic character, instantly gaining three mythic tiers, and joining a profound struggle on this world’s highest stage. Choose your paths carefully, for your enemies remain vigilant (There are no restrictions on mythic path repetition, but I would encourage you to collaborate and share relevant experience).

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The Shattered Lantern Part 3 of 3

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